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- Stops a 7.5T vehicle launched at 80km/h - zero penetration
- Works after impact
- Certified by independent accredited bodies ASTM and PAS68 for a total stop of a 7.5T vehicle traveling at 80 km/h (zero penetration)


High Security ROAD-BLOCKERS have been designed to operate in the most extreme conditions, without loss of performance.

These ROAD-BLOCKERS are customizable, they are intended to be placed near all sensitive sites (place of worship, banks, luxury hotels, football stadiums, companies, presidential palaces, private domains, sensitive sites, etc.), to make acts as a retarder (when the ROAD-Blocker is closed), and as a road blocker when it is open

The ROAD-BLOCKERS can work without electricity, (semi-automatic mode), or can work with batteries in case of power cuts, and via a solar system supply)


List price in € excluding tax: (excluding transport and excluding installation and commissioning)

3m ROAD BLOCKER with all its options (ascent speed increaser and backup batteries): €88,200 excl. VAT / Unit


-  Optional increased emergency closing (accelerated ascent speed – 1.5s)
-  Easy installation & Limited maintenance  IP67 waterproof unit
-  Optional sound alarm  3 standard widths: 2.3 or 4 meters
- Incorporated LED ramp - backup battery
-  All RAL finishes possible
-  Unattended, emergency unlock
-  Access control possible: GSM kit, Radio kit sold with 2 remote controls
-  Manual use possible
-  These ROAD BLOCKERS are adaptable to ALL existing environments on earth and are customizable on request
-  These ROAD BLOCKERS can be custom built as needed

Road blockers

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