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• The Bulletproof Curtain is a lightweight, quickly assembled, versatile quick-release kit for constructing a mobile bulletproof partition

• Bulletproof Curtain covers NIJ III-A to NIJ IV-A standards (certifications) for ballistic resistance of personal body armor

• The bulletproof curtain is a nomadic ballistic protective screen

• Effective for the protection of hotel rooms, meeting rooms, private places, hospitals, sensitive sites, outdoor meeting places, etc.

• Level of shielding on request

• Ideal to respond to all unexpected situations

• Tool-less, assembles in minutes

• Modular, foldable and maintenance-free

• Used by special VIP protection services

• Effective even at low speed (for installation in vehicles)

• Dimensions, cm: 0.8 x 2, possibility of made-to-measure partitions

• Weight, kg: 18 to 40 kg depending on the level of protection

• Lightweight, with incorporated handles for positioning


List price in € excl. tax (excluding transport): €22,050 / Unit

Bulletproof curtain

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