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1981 D7G, ripper, Caterpillar 3306T engine, air conditioning

The bulldozer is owned by a small American construction company who bought it in the late 1980s with 5,169 hours. The counter was changed when it was at 5313 hours and the new counter displays 5359 hours or 10672 hours in all.



2007: steering clutch joints and bearings, transverse shaft joints and bearings

2008: injection pump reconditioned, turbo and exhaust manifold replaced

2011: reconditioned right final reducer

2012: transmission, torque converter and clutch reconditioned; cylinder head replaced

2013: reconditioned left final reducer

2014: reconditioned engine with 4,129 hours on current meter, D7G has worked around 1,230 hours since


Price of the D7G: 54,000 euros from the United States

D7G with ripper

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