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Stops a 7.5T vehicle launched at 80km/h - zero penetration

Works after impact

Certified by independent approved bodies ASTM and PAS68 for a total stop of a 7.5T vehicle traveling at 80 km/h (zero penetration)


The HEXACABLE product has been placed to protect sensitive sites such as:

- Oil facilities

- Nuclear power plants

- Civil and military airports

- Military sites

- Government sites

- Sensitive industrial sites

- Private domains


List price in € excluding tax: (excluding transport and excluding installation and commissioning)

Hexacable Fence: €586 excl. VAT/ml


Description :

- The HEXACABLE fence is a hybrid system combining High Security bollards, anchors and high tensile strength cables.

- The purpose of the HEXACABLE solution is to be able to protect infrastructures in HIGH SECURITY over long distances, and very quickly

The length of the fence is modular and infinite, it can be in a straight line, in angles, on all types of terrain, respecting the installation instructions.

- The HEXACABLE system is made up of several elements, each having a specific role: anchoring bollards, relay bollards, high-strength multi-strand steel cable, and absorption accessories.

- The assembly is supplied in a hot-dip galvanized finish (BS EN ISO 1461 standard), and the wiring in zinc plated with HDPE sheathing (EN 10264-2:2002 or EN 10244-2 standard).


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