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Standby setting: 100% power with an average of 70% load

Maximum duration 500h per year


CAT 3412C 1500 rpm engine

- 12 cylinders in V

- Dual element air cleaner

- Double fuel filtration with water separator

- Fuel, oil and water pump driven by gears

- CAT ADEM electronic regulator


Generator CAT SR5 3P-400V-50Hz-648ekW-PF0.8

- IP23 air cooling

- Internal brushless excitation

- CAT IVR Electronic Voltage Regulator

- 3P 1600A group protection circuit breaker


CAT EMCP 4.4 Control Panel

- Synchronization of generator sets for parallel operation

- Engine display and protection (speed, water temperature, oil pressure, speed, etc.)

- Display of alternator measurements V, A, Hz, ekW, kVA, kVAR, kW-hr, %kW, PF

- Electrical protection 27, 32, 50, 51, 59, 81



- 24V electric starter on engine flywheel

- Belt-driven charging alternator

- 24V starter battery set


cooling radiator

- Attached radiator

- Fan driven by belts

- Expansion vessel with low level sensor

- Engine water heater 6kW



- Open unit without cowling

- Preheating system

- Heating resistors

- Fuel tank 1200L


Warranty: 12 months after commissioning or 18 months after delivery, whichever comes first


Price: 176,000 EUR CFR DOUALA


Availability: 34 weeks EXW + 10 weeks transport

Date: 21/10/2022


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