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Mobile Barriers - Slim

Our High Security mobile barriers are designed to protect and secure sensitive areas during the risk of attacks, demonstrations, and to prevent any risk of penetration by vehicles and machinery within the defined perimeters.


These barriers can be put into service very quickly in the event of a major risk, and are used for prevention as the first safety curtain during events, demonstrations and around sensitive sites.


They are guaranteed and certified by independent approved bodies (crash test), for their ability to block vehicles from 0 to 18 tonnes over 20 meters depending on the range of barriers chosen.


Catalog price excluding VAT: (excluding transport)

Slim Barrier

1 module = 1764€ excl. VAT

For 3m in length, 6 modules are needed, i.e. a list price of €10,584 excluding VAT

Mobile Barriers - Slim

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