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We offer business introducer contracts in order to put you in touch with companies in our network to carry out your business operations.
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What is a business provider  ?


The mission of bringing in business is sometimes confused with that of commercial agents, but these are indeed two distinct things.

The commercial agent is mandated to carry out a mission which includes, for example, commercial negotiations, but also the conditions of the commercial relationship through a contract that he will establish between the end customer and the company whose products or services he resells. .

The business provider, on the other hand, only acts as a go-between . He can indeed be commissioned to look for possible clients on behalf of a company, but his responsibility ends when the two parties are put in touch. He is not responsible for the smooth running of the subject matter of the case between the two parties introduced.

Finally, the business provider is free and independent. There is no link of subordination between him and one or the other of the parties that he puts in relation, he is therefore not an employee. On the other hand, he is paid for this connection.

It is most often a commission based on the value of the business between the two connected parties, or more simply a flat rate or a percentage on the commercial margin of the business.

The benefits of bringing in business

From the point of view of a company looking to develop its activity, having recourse to a business provider may prove to be a relevant choice.

Indeed, this can make it possible to optimize the commercial approach and prospecting of the company, by limiting the risks since a  business contribution contract will frame very precisely the expected mission, and the associated remuneration conditions.

When you are a business provider, it is a powerful argument for selling yourself to future customers.

For the business provider, the benefits are also numerous. This is already a real entrepreneurial process since the business provider is solely responsible for his activity. He also enjoys real freedom of action: he can choose his clients, the time to devote to this activity in his daily life, define his remuneration or commissions .

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