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Second largest continent in the world
The economic situation in African countries is about to change, and right now, when it comes to exporting to Africa, most companies have pretty positive opinions .
Indeed, this region hosts the majority of the first fastest growing countries in the world . The market has become more promising and business relations with the United States, Europe, Brazil, China and India have increased in recent years.
In order to be successful in exporting to Africa, many factors must be considered in order to have an idea of a profitable project and to determine whether the company has a marketable product.
The opportunities are enormous in various sectors, especially for suppliers or producers of machinery and equipment , chemicals , petroleum products , drugs , scientific instruments or food products .
There is no particular trick on how to export to Africa, but it will be very important to have an agent who has the ability to visit the target market regularly to establish a network of clients with the capacity. adequate distribution .
Thus, the company does not take any risks and will be able to focus on production and supply. On the other hand, the best way to find the right product is to travel directly to meet people, understand the culture and learn how business works. The majority of companies that fail have not researched their product in relation to the global market.
Creiscendo is a definite expertise in West Africa (French and English speaking) with a network of several thousand companies forged over the years (mining, oil, gas, agro-food, breweries, cocoa, rubber, cashew nut, distributor of industrial equipment, electricity, water, valves, pharmaceuticals ...)
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